Pump Boys and Dinettes



Sierra Madre Playhouse
Sierra Madre, CA

"if enjoyment is one of the major criteria for any theatrical performance then “Pump Boys and Dinettes” is undeniably a five star show.”
“it is as close to a must see as any performance can ever be.”          

Splash Magazine Review by Ron Irwin

"everyone left wearing a smile and in a great mood"
"What a fun show this is!!!"
"it’s a privilege to hear such excellent live music in such an intimate space."
"accomplished musicians"
"Farmer Tan; it’s a riot."
"I’m glad they thought of bringing us this show!"

"one good song after another"
"the musical that’ll give your summer evenings just the right carefree, robust melodies to fill your heart with joy."
"delightful summertime musical"

"most of the cast are playing their own instruments, insanely well and passionately at that. Wow.”
"stunning harmonies”
“Luckily Pump Boys and Dinettes has been extended for two more weekends though August 12th, so definitely make the trip over to the Sierra Madre Playhouse for this sweet escape.”

LA TheatreNerd Review by Isabella Petrini

"A Smiling, Laughing, Toe-Tapping Fun Afternoon"
"Although Kidder’s surprise tap dance and Murray’s vocals and stage presence are standouts, I have to say that every person in the show was very talented,
a cohesive ensemble with no weak links..."
"clever, engaging, and keep the audience smiling and tapping their feet."
"Escape the reality of the times and party with the Pump Boys and Dinettes for an afternoon or evening!"

Carol Edger Germain, ColoradoBoulevard.net

"you couldn’t ask for more than Pump Boys And Dinettes, effervescently directed and exuberantly choreographed by Allison Bibicoff."
"Just what the doctor ordered for the summertime blues, Pump Boys And Dinettes is guaranteed to put a mile-wide smile on your face
and a heaping helping of songs in your heart."
 "infectiously entertaining"
 "certain to get you clapping and humming along"
"the best singing-strumming band in town"
"imaginatively conceived and executed pump-and-diner set decorated to down-home perfection"