Around The World In 80 Days


North Coast Repertory Theatre
​Solana Beach, CA

- "a must see"

- "enchanting, hysterical and a total laugh...."

- "laughter is almost non-stop..."

-"...unbelievable entertainment, thanks to the direction of Allison Bibicoff."

- Diana Saenger, East County Gazette

-"the comedy is as laugh-out-loud as it is deadpan"

-"What’s also interesting are the creative ways Bibicoff get the stars to physically move throughout the play. Bibicoff’s experience as a choreographer shows…"

"chock-full of laughs and moments of visual wonder"

David Dixon, San Diego Story

"deftly directed by Allison Bibicoff"

"Allison Bibicoff hits all the right strides with enough mystery to have you shaking your collective heads on the way out wondering how they managed to make it all come together…"

"a whimsical, theatrical, magical, capricious, playful, you name it, romp"

Carol Davis, reviewer